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„Afghanistan at a second glance“

Politics, media, and academia in Germany and Europe have long since turned away from Afghanistan and moved on to other regions and „problems“. Our publishing house „edition-tethys“ continues to publish scientifically sound knowledge and texts from and about Afghanistan and Central Asia. In this panel, we would like to present some of the texts that have been published so far. The focus here is on the country’s cultural and religious complexity and the lifeworlds of its people.

Dr. Olaf Günther and Dr. Thomas Loy

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Online Learning in Afghanistan: Case of Gawharshad and the American University of Afghanistan

We first present a brief history of online learning in Afghanistan. Then we introduce and discuss the online learning approaches exercised by Gawharshad University and the American University of Afghanistan. 

With COVID still around and the Taliban in power, online learning is a massive option for education for many the only in the country. We hope that the discussions in the workshop result in a set of recommendations and solutions for addressing the challenges we face. 

Dr. Asadullah Jawid (Institute for the World Economy and the American University of Afghanistan), Mr. Abdul Rashid Ahmadi, Mr. Ahmad Zia Borhani, Mr. Abdul Khalil Matin

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Liberal Peace and Effects of the Intervention in Afghanistan

Since the nineties of the last century liberal peace is an integral part of the international community policy. This concept is critically discussed among social scientists. In our panel, we will focus on impacts of the intervention in Afghanistan and question key points of the normative liberal peace approach, due to its limitations e.g. regarding its practicability. Furthermore, we will beg the question, if alternative ways of development or even post development approaches offer alternative ways. 

Dr. Omar Kahled Sahrai

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Peace in times of conflict transformation (in Afghanistan)

By participating in this workshop, you will get an overview over different understandings and approaches to peace, violence, and conflict theories. The workshop intends to combine these theories and will interactively work out their application on the Afghanistan peace and conflict contexts, prior to the Taliban takeover and nowadays. Against this background, we would like to jointly reflect, discuss, and work out possibilities on how to ameliorate the current situation in Afghanistan and how to transform a conflict situation into peace in our daily life in Afghanistan.

Dr. Fereschta Sahrai and Mr. Nasrullah Shojaee

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